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Clive Nicholas +682-53205
Clive Nicholas is a talented and gifted tattoo artist like many others
who have the natural flair and creativity of Polynesian Art.
Clive is of Cook Islands, Samoan, Tahitian and NZ Maori decent which his family acknowledges and is very proud of. Clive was born on the beautiful Island of Rarotonga and raised in the land of the long white clouds of Aotearoa in the mean streets of Otara.

Clive was brought back to the islands by his parents at the age of 9 and attended the only Catholic Schools on the island St Joseph’s primary and Nukutere College. Clive has a very strong faith in Christ and only works weekdays and Saturday. Balance is a major factor for Clive. He has to juggle between family, work, sports and family. God and family is what he lives by and tattooing is his passion.

He is also a national rep in Rugby League and 7’s Rugby and of course with that comes many sacrifices and obligations therefore he hopes to become an inspiration to young and upcoming Cook Islands athletes.
Having the balance between these factors has made Clive very successful Cook Islander in his own right.
Despite all the sacrifices Clive makes, he always makes time for family especially his only son Anapa aged 4 and friends.

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Clives introduction into the art of tattooing came from his brother Boye who is a well known tattooist around the Pacific and owned his own tattoo shop Polynesian Tattoos. After a couple of months as an apprentice for Boye, he acquired the skills and art of tattooing and was thrown into his own space. This is where he began working on his own clients, designing and creating tattoos, of course under the watchful eye of Boye.

During the years 2008 - 2009, Clive was left to look after their shop while Boye was undergoing treatment in NZ due to illness. During this time, Clive had to learn the basics of business management as well as look after all the clients on his own. His confidence in himself of becoming a professional and worthy tattooist grew stronger along the way and his knowledge and creativity in the art increased. He managed on his own for 2 full years and was very successful in all aspects of the shop.

At the end of 2010, Clive took on a much larger responsibility and challenge by starting up his own shop in a batch behind his family home in town.
It was much harder for Clive especially because he came from working with his brother, running a well established shop, to starting one from scratch.
Clive holds very high standards in terms of quality of tattooing and designs. He has had the privilege of inking some very well known athletes with the likes of Rene Ranger (All Blacks), Tomasi Cama and Zar Lawrence
(NZ 7’s), Zeb Taia, Mark Taufua (NRL stars), and the list goes on.
He has also tattooed a K1 world champ Mark Hunt who has inspired Clive though out his upbringing. Having the opportunity to display his talent on these prestigious athletes has given Clive a desire to strive for higher goals and has given him a sense of pride and belief that anything is possible if you are passionate about it and if you put your mind and time into it.